Biden/Harris the Nu/New President & VP are NOW HERE...R - U ready for a Nu/New Life, Liberty and Justice - MLK was right In a way I can at least see the Mountain Top...But its NOT FREEDOM, yet...Only G-d can bring it!

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Now MLK Birthday was on 1/18 and it was GREAT to feel whole again...JOY to America and the World...the Nu/New President and his VP is coming to Washington, DC and for once I will REJOICE...When he takes OFFICE, until that Manager of Best Buy Financial Company (TM) and Money Shoppe Co (SM)...I sit back and listen and watch things and places, as well as people some great, other "NOT" so great - I remember when Social Media was a thing and it was good, but now "NOT" so much, and TikTok(R)  and Twitter(R) are too me still COOL, now I understand that TikTok(R) is from China, but if operated right in the USA, it can be handled under the rightful care of the TikTok(R) must first get a REAL PARTNER, someone "NOT " apart of China or the USA...I try to understand the reasons behind China and the USA Government, but I really get lost in the who is Spying on who!? Now don't get me wrong, I will always trust and LOVE my Country ( USA ) NO MATTER WHAT!? But I do have a mind of my own and I will Trust me and my G-d.

So, if what I hear from Biden that We as a Nation must HEAL...that to be quite HONEST is COOL, but never going to happen...everytime someone "WHITE" kills or hurt a person of Color/Black...they say We actually means " US...those of Color/Black" this time " THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN...its just too late, some will try to make an effort - but the TRUST IS GONE... I have yet to SEE ACTUAL CHANGES, NOT SOME FU*K'ed UP WORDS or an INVESTIGATION THAT GOES NO WHERE...lets look at the POLICE and the KILLING OF PEOPLE OF COLOR/BLACK, they kill or hurt us and ALL WE GET IS " THEY ARE ON PAID ADMIN. LEAVE PENDING AN INVESTIGATION, IN OTHER WORDS NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN...JUST THE WHITE POLICE MEN/WOMEN, some of color/black just to SHUT us UP "


Now everyday is just either a GOOD day or BAD day, solely based on my color of skin...but on 1/6/2021 those in WHITE AMERICA got to see what We experience everyday, just without some of the RACISM, but this Nation as GREAT as it has ISSUES...that must be corrected, but saying the " LETS HEAL...IS WORTHLESS TO THOSE OF COLOR " now white Americans can see that their own kind are true TRAITORS and RACIST, but now the SHOE is on the other foot PLEASE DON'T SAY the word(s) " HEALING OR WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER " We are Not, if We were in this TOGETHER WE WOULD SEE SOME REAL ACTIONS, NOT JUST FU*KED UP WORDS.

I have yet to see a state or even a federal law concerning actual RACISM, yet this Country must ERASE RACISM from its present, and its FUTURE also, make it a law that if found guilty of racism the Minimum time in state/federal prison is ten (10) years and NO PLEA BARGAINS OR BONDS, unless it is 100% CASH ONLY BOND STARTING AT $USD 25,000.00+

The same is for Sexual Assault,

Crimes against a Women of any age, Trans Crimes of any kind or crimes against a child of any age or sex str8 or gay or tran within or without any state or USA, et al.



To hate solely based on ones color of skin, politics or sexuality is just wrong

I believe in a very firm belief of PURE JUSTICE AND HONOR...and if my Future President and/or VP or both ask me too STAND with them I, as will MOST REAL AMERICANS do the same...NO QUESTIONS ASKED?. Right is Right and FREEDOM and JUSTICE IS ONE A STONE THROW AWAYS.












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