The NU/NEW YEAR is COMING get READY 4 IT!!!!!!

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This is a time "NOT" 2 look back of the sadness, unless U wish 2 repeat it! Now, no one wishes harm 2 any one ... so on the Christian NU/NEW YEAR of 2021, think of the Kindness of others, Love and Peace ... now COVID - 19, did those who have died, sad, but they left the world the JOYS of a piece of themselves for BETTER, those who are WS' U will "NOT" be MISSED!

Those that were TRUE and KIND, will be so MISSED and they where LOVED by Him and Us. We understand that this message is both political, as well as JOYFUL, but We needed 2 say this. All We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) know that LOVE will win, NOT HATE OR THE WS OR RACISM of any kind. But those in America are very STRONGE & WISE, THEY WILL SURVIVE ( Listen to Gloria Gaynor song, listen to it with YOUR heart, NOT YOUR ears ) ... We HOPE YOUR Holidays with family was both SAFE and ENJOYIBLE, if "NOT" sorry ...WE LOVE YOU.

Happy NU/NEW YEAR, 2021



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