What is REAL Racism or Homophobic or just plain Hate towards anyone of color, sex, et al!?.

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Now We @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM)

DO NOT know everything about everyday racism, et al...yet all We can

confess 2 is What some of Us been through in OUR life time.

One case ( and there are many ) is the fact that some will OUTRIGHT LIE 2 - U IN YOUR FACE, knowing they are racist and they really can't stand U or those like U, like the star of the show, a male ( older brother ) is very homophobic and a racist, yet the television show ET(R) interviewed him and the rest from the OLD SHOW called Growing Pain (R), a show we all at one time LOVED, not anymore, some will like it, but a lot will "NOT" due to the simple fact of a person called "KICK C"... he will claim such is the teaching of G-d, that is "NOT" true, most racist will use G-d as a tool to hide their RACISM AND HATE TOWARDS OTHERS, and being Jewish such is "NOT" true, G-d is never HATE, RACISM, ET AL...He is PURE LOVE AND JOY TO ALL, NO MATTER WHO AND/OR WHAT YOU ARE!?

One should always have his or her opinion on ALL ISSUES, as long as they DO NOT cause harm or show hate towards others. Now, if I was even thinking about REBOOTING a show of PAST ENDS...I would check and investigate ALL those that are going to PLAY THEIR PART(S), again having an opinion is never wrong, as long as it not RACIST OR HARMFUL TOWARDS OTHERS - lets look @ the fact that KICK C had choirs somewhere in CA singing Holiday Songs without wearing a mask, such act or action is ILLEGAL, due to such act(s), action(s) or inaction(s) on the part of Kick C. he acted to directly cause harm during a legal lockdown by the acting State Gov. ( and sign by him, and so is past ) and @ times it may not look like it works but for the most part some are more SAFE NOW than yesterday, they can say they LIVED 2 talk about it & it was "NOT" FUN", period, if sued, Kick C. can be held fully liable for his inaction to protect CA citizen(s) from the COVID - 19 virus, but he state(d) his and those others w/o mask rights (wrong), but never those who, also have rights, as well...but this Kick C guy is a true idiot and he is a TRUE RACIST AND A HATER and those companies backing him are just as RACIST, et al...they just DO SUCH BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, and they will claim that such put others back to WORK, bullshit, if hate and/or racism is a factor of going back to work, I don't need money that bad, don't get Us wrong MONEY is good, but not to the FACT(S) I must sell my soul to the EVIL ONE or his minions on earth they know who they are!?

Does RACISM exist, it does and is alive, look @ the White Women who they call(ed) "KARENS" they are filmed on YOUTUBE(R), as well as TIC TOK(R) using the racist words called the INFAMOUS "N" WORD and the list goes on and on, and they even go after their own kind some WHITE, BROWN, ET AL...I love the fact(s) they love using the fact about AMERICA ( Love, the USA even with all its issues and problem(s), racism being one of them...but knowing this I know that We can clean house without these idiots or lame asses "F"ing it up for Us...let get 2 work, people!. ).  Now, We @ Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM) are made up of ALL TYPE of people ( MINORITIES, as well as those who happen to be 100% LGBTQ+, so this ACT(S), ACTION(S) OR INACTION(S) makes Us very UPSET, ET AL ). Do We feel that Kick C. is the face of Hate or Racism, HELL NO...but he is just on a very small scale a Racist and Hater...NOWe are "NOT" MAD OR CRAZY, just a REALIST, knowing just because someone is of a COLOR, BLACK OR BROWN, he or she DO NOT REPRESENT US, THEY ARE TRUE SELL-OUTS/OREOS, and they speak, but "NOT" for the MASSES - NOT - NEXT, THANK U!



If anyone has a REAL OPINION, speak - up and be heard...I see some NEWS about the local police, its TRUE some and I stress that word "SOME" are BAD and/or RACIST, but being very HONEST, some are very COOL and are "NOT" racist or hateful, We only see THE BAD AND THE UGLY and their bad act(s), et al...so, if U judge them don't judge them by the Act(s), Action(s) and/or Inaction(s) of The Bad and The Ugly, judge the Cool Ones for the GOOD they Do and TELL THERE BOSSES OF THEIR KINDNESS, AND LET THEM KNOW OF THE BAD AND UGLY ONES - IMMEDIATELY and see if they are TRUE in their word and FIRE THEM IMMEDIATELY before they cause HARM TO THE WHOLE POLICE DEPARTMENT, and "NO" leave with pay, its like saying what they did is OK, but we are playing the investigating game BULLSHIT, so U will go away and let us continue 2 continue our Hate and Racism.



Now the GOOD PEOPLE AND BUSINESSES out in the REAL world...such as Shopify(R) I would LOVE 2 clown them as a legitimate minority business, I sometimes watch them - and I see a very Honest and Cool company who like to showcase other small businesses minority, women owned businesses of all color skin that include tran/LGBTQ+ businesses, so the are the FAV QUEER 2 SHOP...yet understand some companies just use the fact(s) the are with the LGBTQ+ Communities - THEY ARE SO FULL OF BULLSHIT AND THEY LIE, THEY JUST WANT YOUR MONEY AND TIME...NOTHING MORE...WAKE - UP, YOU QUEERS, DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS BULLSHIT ANYMORE...HALLMARK(R) TRIED THIS AND WE DECIDED WE WILL FIGHT BACK AND MAKE A STAND - NO MORE, "F" Hallmark(R), go to ION(R) Television they have Holiday movies, et al and they are "NOT" Homophobic/Racist for now, but time will tell...We DO WATCH - WHO IS NEXT.



Now, some of the REAL NEWS shows 2 watch are ABC NIGHTLY NEWS W/ D. MUIR, as I/We said he is HOT AND SEXY FOR A STR8 GUY and he tell the facts as he knows them, We have "NOT" found him 2 lie or bend the truth, but FOX NEWS and SOCO CW does seem 2 bend the facts and the truth, yes they show some LGBTQ+'s people, but that is "NOT" enough, We believe in being HONEST, and FOX NEWS/SOCO CW is "NOT"...but in 2021 a NU/NEW YEAR anything can happen!.





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