BBFSCo(TM) Ordering Information, et al

Now ORDER(S) from today 12/01/2020, until 12/31/2020 @ Midnight (MST) (USA) any and ALL shipments by Mail is sent 100% FREE ( while any package(s) up to 70 LBS will ship for a small flat fee of ONLY $ USD 15.00 for every two (2) boxes, if more than ten (10) boxes SHALL BE MAIL within 48 Hours of ORDER or Faster if Ordered by the Customer(s) in written form and signed and dated. Now instead of $ USD 75.00, YOU will ONLY have too pay $ USD 65.00, that is a $ USD 10.00 price tag ).




Now the 24 hour LIVE Phone Line(s) is 1 - 888 - 615 - 1327 ( In the entire USA ) any and all international calls are " NOT " Toll - Free and is a Toll Call, such number is 719 - 568 - 7370 and is only OPEN Mon - Fri from 9 am ( MST ) - 5 pm ( MST ) (USA), Closed on all day Sat - Sun and all major holidays.




Now the Fax Line is a Toll - Free number, which is: 1 - 888 - 763 - 3033 , such Fax Number is 24/7/365, but if YOU Fax Us an ORDER or two, YOU must mark it in the RIGHT HAND CORNER of the ORDER/PAPER and YOUR method of payment(s), TO BE SAFE WITH YOUR ORDER, PLEASE GO TO THE WEB SITE @, and click - on the CATALOG PAGE and feel SAFE AND SECURE when YOU SHOP WITH US.




ALL ORDER(S) IF MARKED INSTALLMENT TYPE PAYMENT PLAN...SHALL BE MAILED 100% FREE SHIPPING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, IF SO MARKED, otherwise such is MAILED 100% FREE SHIPPING IN the entire USA, Canada and Mexico ONLY... ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDER(S) HAVE A FLAT FEE, but said order(s) once paid in US Dollars, such SHALL be mailed, as PROMISED BY US @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) / BBFSCo(TM)