Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) for Attorney(s) and their Client(s), et al

A     T     T     O     R     N     E     Y     (     S     )     &     C     L     I     E     N     T     (  S  )

Now, attorney(s) are the keepers of what is RIGHT and sometimes JUST for their clients, and that is the ONLY reason(s) We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) is doing this...MOST, not ALL attorney(s) client's will NEED OUR financial services, such as PRE - SETTLEMENT FUNDING, now if for any REASONS that an attorney(s) feel this would be their CLIENTS best move, We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) can and will assist and help them with everything from A to Z, it should be NOTED that any FUNDING advance cannot take the place of a SETTLEMENT. If any attorney(s) send Us a CLIENT OR TWO, he or she will get a FULL REFERRAL FEE - up to 2.5% of the actual FUNDING of the PRE - SETTLEMENT concerning that client(s).

Now @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM)...We do inform the Attorney's Client that there is "NO" Risk to them when seeking this NON-RECOURSE transaction, in other words, if the ATTORNEY(S) doesn't WIN the CASE(S), the Client OWES NOTHING.




The Attorney(s), et al and his/her or their law firm ALSO will "NOT" OWES NOTHING as well. Now such type of funding is "NOT" a LOAN, so BANKS and CREDIT AGENCIES are "NOT" involved...these advances of funding REQUIRE very little paperwork, and WE never ask for any CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION, and YOU are "NOT" subject to the credit bureau.

Also, We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) fund certain law firms ( WE DO WISH TO APOLOGIZE THAT WE DO NOT FUND ALL LAW FIRMS ).... Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) is always informing certain law firms  " WHAT IS AND IS "NOT" AN ACTUAL LAW FIRM UNDER OUR POLICIES AND RULES " 

     1. We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) DO NOT REQUIRE YOUR LAW FIRM and/or its Attorney/employees to PLEDGE their personal assets as COLLATERAL.

     2. NO monthly payments are ever REQUIRED on the funding no matter the size of the FUNDING.

     3. Attorneys can pay the Advance off ANY TIME without penalties.

     4. Most of OUR advances have a three to four-year (4) window on them, so a law firm has significant amount of time to WIN the case(s) pledged for collateral.

     5. The entire payment for the ORIGINAL ADVANCE and fees comes from settled case(s). Therefore, there is NO OUT-OF-POCKET expense for the attorney(s).

     6. Funds can be used any way the Law Firm wants, for example,  marketing, payroll, lease rent, etc. @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) has "NO" RESTRICTIONS on the use.

It should be NOTED that any and ALL Law Firm Funding is RECOURSE and MUST be paid back.


We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) are always UPDATING this information concerning this type of FUNDING and may other forms We OFFER @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM), so too be fair...PLEASE review this site EVERYDAY/MONTH or EMAIL Us FOR ANY UPDATED INFORMATION @ and We will send it to YOU 100% FREE OF CHARGE.