Best Buy Financial Services Funding Information Page - URGENT READING...NOW

* This website is "NOT " an offer to lend. Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) is "NOT " a Direct Lender and We DO NOT DIRECTLY make loans of any kind or credit decisions. This type of service(s) is "NOT " available in all states ( unless so stated by Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) in written form and attached to any agreement/contract between any and all parties and SHALL be signed by all such parties prior to any funding or loan(s) ). If YOU request an actual loan(s)/funds with a Lender(s) in a particular state where such funding are prohibited, or in a location Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) DOES NOT DO BUSINESS, WE WILL NOT DO SUCH BROKING OF ANY SAID FUNDING/LOAN, et al.



By submitting YOUR information via this website, EMAIL or FAX, et al YOU are authorizing Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) and its IC partners to do a credit check, which may include verifying YOUR Social Security Number, Driver License Number or other identification, and a review of YOUR creditworthiness. Credit checks are usually performed by one of the major credit bureaus such as Experian(R), Equifax(R) and TransUnion(R), but also may include alternative credit Bureaus such as Teletrack(TM) DP Bureau(TM) or others. YOU also authorized Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) to share YOUR information and credit history with OUR network of Approved Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) IC partner(s).


 * Upon approval Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) will provide documents that SHALL contain any and all fees and rate(s) information pertaining to the loan(s) being offered, including any potential fees for late payments and the rules under which YOU maybe allowed ( if permitted by applicable law ) to refinance, renew or rollover YOUR loan. Loan fees and interest rates are determined solely by the ACTUAL LENDER, NOT Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) or its Numerous IC Partners.

YOU are ALWAYS to READ and UNDERSTAND the TERMS of any loan offered by Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM), its IC Partners or Lenders...and to REJECT any particular loan(s) offer that YOU cannot afford to repay or that includes TERMS that are " NOT " acceptable to YOU.