Health and Safety Policy(ies) of Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM)

Best Buy Financial Services Company (TM)

The Pandemic and COVID - 19...the "ARE" YOU and YOURS SAFE.

Now from the NEWS We get from numerous Health Sites, YOU and YOURS are as SAFE as YOU will allow. Now too be on the SAFE SIDE We recommend that YOU and those YOU love and care for wear a MASK, even at HOME. Now also, wearing a MASK is to Us very HOT and SEXY, it tells others around YOU that YOU are healthy, like when HIV/AIDS was around and we had + ( plus signs ) and a - ( negative sign ), the MASK is just another form of accessory to a FASHION STATEMENT and the person, those who are against it are in OUR OPINION A "LOSER"

Now Shipping is 100% FREE in the USA, CANADA and MEXICO ONLY...there is a FEE for all International Countries, even if "NOT" posted on the ORDER(S), said site will show YOU the different prices for SHIPPING ( COST/FEES ), when YOU do place an ORDER or two with Us We also check to make sure there is " NO" errors, before ANY order(s) are sent/mailed - if YOU have any question, please feel free to contact OUR Customer Service Department ( that is within the USA ) there job is solely to assist YOU...but if YOU feel YOU are better off "NOT" getting said ORDER(S) YOU may cancel such and get a FULL REFUND within six (6) working days, "NOT" including holidays or weekends.




Now any and all order(s) are check prior to them being mailed are checked for FRAUD, et al and We report such to the proper authorities within that Country and OUR FBI and CBI, et seq. .and any order(s) paid for by Money Order, even be it POSTAL, SHALL first clear OUR BANK and such MUST be in US Dollars Only, also it should be NOTED that any and all Money Orders clear OUR bank in up to 48 hours or less, but checks, personal/business take longer...sometime ten (10) working days ( within the USA ) all other places outside the USA can take up to six working weeks less if such is drawn on a USA BANK(S).




Now any and all Customers who decided to USE OUR Credit Dept Pre - Approval of any and all Money Orders and/or Business/Personal Checks will ship immediately without DELAYS...this approval is a MUST have during the HOLIDAYS, so get the forms faxed to YOU ASAP - But YOU will HAVE to have a valid EMAIL with Us, for this to work...and WE ARE THE BEST AND WE HAVE THE LOWEST PRICES IN THE WORLD.




Thank you.