Lawsuit Settlement and More

Injured in an accident? Need cash now?

Pre - Settlement CASH is available to YOU for:

                                          * Personal Injury

                                          * Class Action/Product Liability

                                          * Discrimination Cases

                                          * Medical Bills

                                          * Workers' Compensation

                                          * Wrongful Death

                                          * Breach of Contract

                                          * Malpractice

                                          * Commercial Disputes

                                          * and More



Pre - Settlement Cash is Available to YOUR attorney(s) for

                                 * Expert Witness Research and Testimony

                                 * Depositions

The Process is FAST and SIMPLE!


Consider the Time value of money

* YOUR attorney (s) can have more time to negotiate a LARGER and FAIRER settlement for YOU.

* YOU can pay YOUR creditors now and ease YOUR financial burdens

Let Best Buy Financial Services Company(TM) assist/help you if YOU are waiting for a lawsuit settlement and YOU need CASH NOW.


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