Member's and Non - Member's Joke O' the Day and More

T     H     E      J     O     K     E     O'     T     H     E     D     A     Y

For Members Only, as well as NON - MEMBERS, too ( and the Winner is/are ):

Its "NOT" everyday YOU hear a very GOOD and FUN joke, that make YOU and YOURS laugh out loud, sometimes to the point of crying and/or peeing in YOUR pants, et al

Now some who submitted the JOKE O' THE DAY they are clean and too us very cute and funny, in nature...some a very SEXY and SEXUAL in nature, but still cute, while other jokes are from KIDS, others are from those over 18 years of age either male or female ( FTM or MTF Trans kid(s) or adult(s) ).

Now, if the JOKE is funny and YOU feel YOU could WIN, the $USD 100.00 for the JOKE ALONE with a picture We add another Prize of $USD 50.00...but OUR only requirements are that such MUST be ORIGINAL IN NATURE, at least the PICTURE  CANNOT BE OF OR FROM A COPYRIGHTED Article...period, nor can the joke be RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, ON OR AGAINST A CHILD/WOMEN OF ANY COLOR, et al.

NOTE TO WINNERS: If YOU are a winner We will pay YOU for up to four (4) years for each time We publish/print the joke and/or Picture or both at the same time. Now by laws of the USA YOU must be an AMERICAN CITIZEN and 18 or OLDER'S and YOU must provide a valid EMAIL ADDRESS upon delivery of the JOKE, et al

Q: What do YOU have when YOU  have one (1) lawyer in a town?

A: Too little work.

Q: Where do YOU find the most fish?

A: Between the head and the tail.