Notes We will Purchase - Just the Facts and Nothing but the Facts

Best Buy Financial Services Co(TM)

W  E    B  U  Y   N  O  T  E  S

Now as YOU are fully knowledgeable about the SELLING OF YOUR NOTE(S) We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) will purchase said note(s) from YOU, at a GREAT PRICE THAT WE QUOTE We understand that YOU just might ask Us what PERCENT (%) We will pay for the NOTE(S), to be quite HONEST that is DETERMINED by four (4) factors, they are as listed:

                    1. Amount of Equity in the Property

                    2. Amount of seasoning on the NOTE

                    3. Interest Rate on the NOTE

                    4. Credit of the Payer

Those are Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) factors....92.8% of the time We only try to QUOTE @ RETAIL, but in some cases We quote @ WHOLESALE, now understand wholesale quote(s) are very RARE...YOU MUST REQUEST WHOLESALE NOTE QUOTING.

We ALWAYS pull a CREDIT REPORT(S), even without YOUR CONSENT - If YOU wonder how We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) are able to DO this, its because WE ARE NOT GIVING YOU A MORTGAGE/LOAN, We are following the laws that states that since this is OUR due diligence on a business decision and "NOT" a Traditional Banking issue(s), such as again a Mortgage/Loan Company And YOUR Credit Score is a PART of what YOU would get.

Now We are out to get YOU a clear and FAIR PRICE for YOUR NOTE(S), and in most cases We can have this done in less than two (2) weeks on NOTES quoted @ a prices of less than $USD 50,000.00, if more time is needed - than it will take up to six (6) weeks.


Now We also purchase some BUSINESS NOTE(S), but that information is "NOT" on this site, until YOU become a EMAIL CLIENT of OURS.