Short Skinny of What Is Legal and What is " NOT "!

Now Please Understand this is " NOT " a site to get LEGAL ADVICE for this and/or ANY legal ADVICE, or none legal advice should always be addressed to a license ABA attorney(s) that YOU are very comfortable with and that YOU trust...this is for FYI Only and such citi may change without any notices and/or update to YOU and/or this Site.

 Did YOU know that if YOU have a Contract and/or Agreement, that by most, if NOT all citied laws IT IS Illegal to change the wording of any agreement/contract once such is signed by any and ALL legally age parties ( 18 in most states, please check YOUR state for the proper age of consent ) - now once a contact/agreement is signed BOTH parties must AGREE to any and all changes " ADDENDUM " to said agreement/contract.

Otherwise said original agreement/contract will be HONORED, by most, if NOT all court(s).

Q: Should I trust ALL attorney(s)?

A: The answer to that is like a two (2) point from experience first of all before YOU actually RETAIN any attorney(s) ...YOU will need to trust him or her...I understand that if they tell YOU that YOU have a CASE, get a FREE Second Opinion, if they agree with the First attorney(s), also NEVER inform the said attorney that of  YOUR plan(s) on the Second Opinion, but like We said just maybe the Second Opinion just may state a fat N-O, the LAST CALL is YOURS and YOURS alone...TRUST OR NOT!

If YOU are unable to make up YOUR Mind, ask the HELP of YOUR local ABA Office, concerning the act(s), action(s) and the inaction(s) without asking them concerning by law(s) about the Attorney(s) private life, et al...but  the Matter of Trust, if direct is "NOT " a private matter, outside of this!

YOU do have the RIGHT to have said attorney YOU and YOURS can TRUST and be very HONEST with YOU at ALL TIMES, even if it hurts or cost YOU/YOURS money, et al!

Q: Is a Pre-Legal an Attorney(s)?

A: A Pre - Legal Professional is  "NOT " an attorney, if he or she claim they are RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN IN ANY DIRECTION, BUT AWAY FROM THE SCAMMER(S), now some Pre - Legal Professional can and will try to HELP YOU, but they are  "NOT " allowed to address the Court, such as defend YOU in Court, but they can draft up Letters, Certain Legal Forms, that Don't require the actual Attorney(s).

How such work is that the attorney(s) need the Pre- Legal(s), as well as the Pre - Legal(s) need the attorney(s) together they are one HELL of a team - one is "NOT " a mountain, But lets be very honest its "NOT " what We state or say, will allow YOU to get whatever attorney(s) YOU/YOURS wish...its OUR job too point YOU in the FAIR DIRECTION OF THE FAIR ATTORNEY(S) - GOOD LUCK.