Student Outstanding Loan(s) Payback Program

* Now before YOU continue on READING YOU will need to understand one CLEAR thing first We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) is " NOT " YOUR traditional financial company, like YOUR local or national bank(s), credit union(s), et al We are NOT directly offering YOU a DIRECT LOAN(S) of any kind within/without Colorado or the entire USA. Now We do provide YOU with 100% FREE financial situation(s) of ALL TYPE and just happens to be FUNDING, et al.

Also, this service(s) is only available within the State of Colorado and 98.9% of the Entire USA ONLY.





Now...most, if NOT all person(s) who have a(n) active OUTSTANDING STUDENT LOAN(S) of $USD 25,000 or More, just maybe We @ Best Buy Financial Services Co (TM) can HELP...but YOU need to be atleast 18 years old.


Now OUR Business Mailing Address is:

140 West 29th Street, Pueblo, CO 81008, USA

Email Address is:

24/7 Business Line ( TOLL FREE IN THE USA & CANADA, ONLY ) : 1.800.929.2554 ( MESSAGES ONLY LINE )

Fax Number is:  1-888-763-3033 ( 24/7 )

URL/Website Address is:



YES!...We will HELP AND ASSIST YOU in getting YOU the funding YOU will

need...even those that are considered very HIGH RISK and/or their FICA SCORE is a LOW to MID-LOW 600 or they just DON'T have any credit - WE GOT YOU...THIS IS NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL PROGRAM(S), again WE DO NOT CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES - EVER...if We can HELP YOU see above and contact Us YOU will NOT be sorry.





Also, We are a GMO type of company which stand for Gay - Minority Owned Business, so, if YOU are " NOT " comfortable with doing business with those like Us...PLEASE understand YOU are FREE to do business with any company YOU are FREE to do business with whoever YOU wish...but, please atleast check Us OUT first - WE ARE THE REAL DEAL AND LEGIT!




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